Footprints on Sand


Creating characters with depth and authenticity, Keikilani was able to bring it all together in her first debut as a writer, producer and lead actor in the Independent film “Br0k3n”. In the same month she landed a supporting role in her first made for t.v. movie, “Secrets in the Water”, directed by Michael Feifer.

Heading into the Covid 19 pandemic, Keikilani had built great momentum. With everything coming to a complete stop, she found another way to stay motivated and keep her training going. She joined Beverly Hills Playhouse in San Francisco for zoom classes under the new name ZA Studios L.A., taught by Robert Zimmerman and Peter Allas. She has also studied for several years under Sally Jackson in Honolulu, focusing on “Right brain method for film”. Always taking advantage of growing her skill set, she has taken workshops with visiting acting coaches Laura Gardner, Iris Klein, Tim Kang and Scott Rogers. Although not considered conventional training, her degree in psychology from Chaminade University of Honolulu has been a great aid in developing and understanding the characters and roles she plays.


Starting her career in commercials and modeling, Keikilani has worked on numerous productions over the years. Most recently as a stunt performer, stand in and photo double on Magnum P.I. and Hawaii 5-0 on CBS. She has also written and produced her second indie film “Unforgettable Stay”.


Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she now resides in Hawaii on the Island of Oahu with her husband and two sons. Living a healthy, active lifestyle has always been a priority. Keikilani enjoys running, hiking, leisurely stand-up paddle boarding, yoga and as a former instructor, pilates. Staying challenged and pushing boundaries is what keeps her driving forward.


Keikilani looks forward to working on productions starting up on the islands and branching out to the mainland. She also has her sights set on developing and collaborating new projects.

Rock Formation
Tropical Leaves